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9: [LIVE] The Story of Veggies & Vaginas

This episode might be our favorite to date. We talk about everything from plastic in food to menstruation (don’t worry fellas… it’s safe). We also introduce a segment called “Can I Get Uhhh” where we test our 90s vocal skills and a modified “Drive Thru” where you can play along. We had a ton of fun.

8: Veggies That Kill, Literally

These days, we’ve gotta watch our backs when it comes to food—even when we’re vegan. While vegetables and some vegan foods can help us stay free from disease (or rather reduce our risk of exposure), other vegetables can put us right in the middle of an unwanted trip to the hospital. So let’s talk about it...

7: Did Dr. Sebi Lie to Us?

We've all seen those memes purported to be from Dr. Sebi's teachings. Eat this. Don't eat this. But how much of it can be believed? In this episode, we're debunking some myths being perpetuated by the interwebs, exploring some of the strange things that vegans eat and addressing McDonalds—that just released new vegan wraps. Spoiler Alert, McD's. Not interested.

6: [LIVE] F*ck Yo’ Labels

So I’m not a real "vegan” if my veganism doesn’t look like yours? Nah, buddy. Swipe left, and keep your judgments in your pocket.